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Contact Us:

Debbie Wilson


If you have a buyer question, please contact Debbie.

Debbie Wilson - Director

+44 7787 404140

Email Debbie
Justin Wall


If you have a supplier question, please contact Justin.

Justin Wall - Director

+44 7775 423383

Email Justin

Our Onsite Team:

At each event we have a close-knit and capable team to ensure your participation runs smoothly. At any point during the event you can contact one of the team with any questions and we will happily answer and resolve all queries.

The Snap Team

Core Contributors:

Richard Pereira - Photographer

Capturing each event in great detail, Richard deserves a photo credit for every image we use.

Vicki Ball - Web Design & Branding

Combining her creative talents with advanced technical know-how, Vicki designs our branding and website.

Luke Jefford - Print Design

With over a decade of experience in print design, Luke creates the hard-copy directory and signage for the event.